Hi, I'm David.

I'm a designer and director in Los Angeles with a passion for quality, usability, and performance.

I've had the privilege of designing products and brands with amazing people. I have served on several accolade winning teams over my career with recognition from Awwwards Site of the Day, the Clio Awards and a few other mentions along the way. But awards are after the fact; they don't actually motivate me. To learn more about my motivations as a designer, see "Why I Design".

Currently I am the Creative Director and UX Strategist at HR Cloud, leading a global product design and marketing team of over ten team members including full-time and contract employees that spans three continents.

I hold diplomas in Design | Media Arts and Mathematics / Economics from UCLA which speak to my cross disciplinary nature.

Email: david.hirotsu@gmail.com

Selected clients include:

Google - Teams: Area 120, Project Soli, Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), Pixel, Docs, Open Source Programs Office, Maps, Gather, Fireside, Google for Work, Project Jacquard, Tango, Chrome for Work.

Android, inc.


20th Century Fox

Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, Alabama Shakes - Redlight Management


Levi Strauss & Co.


Harvard University

IBM Watson

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Arts

New Mexico Department of Transportation

RK Ventures, inc.


Roles and Hats I've worn:

Creative Director - In-house B2B Marketing

Interaction Designer - HR Business, E-commerce, VR / AR, Marketing, Advertising

UX Designer / Strategist / Researcher - Business Applications, Medical

UI Designer - Medical Applications

Art Director - Marketing, Advertising

(Visual) Designer - Marketing, Branding, Photography, Print and Digital

Game Artist / Designer - Game Laboratory

Technical Producer - VR / Web Video

Web Design Instructor - UCLA SI 2014


Android 404 win's Site of the Day: Nov 1st 2016

"[Pipe Dream] Android.com's 404 Page Not Found is a fun and cute pipe game" - AndroidPolice

Space Sketchr featured on AndroidExperiments.com, source code released to the public.

"This Drawing App is the Coolest Look Yet at What Project Tango Can Do" - Gizmodo

"Space Sketchr Puts Project Tangos 3d Sense to the Test" - Slashgear

"7 crazy experimental Android apps you won’t find on any iPhone" - BGR

"This Project Tango app might sell you on Google's weird tablet" - TechRadar

"Sound Field demo shows Project Tango’s audio potential" - Slashgear