• Lead design in adapting education objectives into both a mobile game experience as well as a touchscreen interactive kiosk in select DMV's around the Santa Fe area.
  • Involved in front-end / UI development.
  • Wrote the technical documentation manual that covers setup, installation, and updating the custom native application for the kiosk modules.
  • Delivered quality project despite a short timeline.



The Diverging Diamond is a new type of interchange being constructed across the US. While it’s safer than older types, drivers are required to momentarily drive on the left side of the road while using it. Our challenge was to teach people how to navigate this new system by creating an interactive experience available on a kiosk in the DMV office, the web, or mobile device.

We crafted a stylized virtual world that first launched the interactive experience. Using this world, we developed a series of videos and a game highlighting the different ways drivers can navigate the new interchange. By delivering this content in a physical kiosk at the DMV, drivers can access a fun social and educational activity while waiting for appointment times, or play the game on mobile for personal engagement.

Images 4 and 5 are stills from the educational animations played on the kiosk, created by the 3D animation team. I animated game elements and the looping background video for the kiosk using After Effects and Maya.