This viral video for 20th Century Fox / Marvel has over 8MM views on Youtube, with an additional 4.5MM+ views on copies distributed through Instagram and other media outlets. It was featured on the Reddit homepage and Youtube Trending's top 5 within days of it's release.

My role's included sound design lead and technical producer. As a technical producer, I researched, tested and defined the 360 HDR environment map pipeline's software and hardware tools for our on-location team in Finland. As a sound designer and director, I created custom instrument tools in Ableton Live using effects racks and macros to create a fully expressive hydraulic press clone. Though this was time-intensive up front, we ended up saving hours of time in the iterative editing process, where clips were shortened and lengthened frequently from multiple stakeholder's involvement in the video's production. Luckily with this midi driven custom sampler, all we had to do for most edits was move around a few midi notes and tweak some CC parameters, and voila! All synced up.

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